SAVS is a brand new, state of the art, veterinary referral clinic located located in San Antonio, and home to three independent practices that are owned and operated by veterinarians that specialize in the areas of oncology, ophthalmology and surgery. All three practices work closely together to help provide comprehensive veterinary care for their patients as well as consult with the pet owner’s primary care veterinarians (referring DVMs) to ensure that their dogs and cats receive the best care at all times.

The three SAVS specialty services include:

Animal Cancer Center of Texas (ACCT) believes in treating all of its clients and patients like family through compassion, empathy, listening, honesty, and trust. Our goals are to guide clients through the journey of diagnosis, treatment planning, and discussion of prognosis unique to their pet’s individual cancer.

ACCT’s state-of-the-art diagnostics include:

  • in-house cytology and hematology
  • comprehensive in-house lab equipment
  • high resolution digital radiography
  • thoracic, individual organ and abdominal
  • cutting-edge rapid CT
  • a dedicated chemotherapy room

Our two board-certified veterinary oncologists and experienced technicians are all dedicated to providing the very best quality of life and support to the individual dogs and cats we treat. We work closely with referring veterinarians to provide optimal care when specialized diagnostics or medical procedures are required. ACCT also collaborates with SAVS surgery team to provide pre-surgical counseling and staging, as well as postoperative treatments when indicated as part of a cancer care plan.

South Texas Veterinary Ophthalmology (STVO) is committed to helping its patients live happy and healthy lives with minimal discomfort and excellent vision. It is our mission to provide the most advanced and affordable veterinary eye care available, and to create a welcoming and service-oriented environment for the people and their pets of San Antonio and all of South Texas.

Our board-certified veterinary ophthalmologists and experienced staff provide expertise and advanced training in the diagnosis and management of ocular diseases. We understand the special bond our clients have with their pet and will always do our best to provide a safe, calming and thorough consultation while examining and diagnosing patients. We work closely with our clients’ primary care veterinarians to ensure that our patients receive the best care at all times.

STVO has enjoyed being at its current location off Sonterra Blvd in Stone Oak over the past 20 years. During this time, the practice has grown in size/case load and we are needing more space. We are looking forward to our move into SAVS, which will provide more examination rooms and a larger surgical space to help better serve our rDVM needs.

South Texas Veterinary Surgery (STVS) offers specialized surgical services for dogs and cats with various soft tissue, oncologic, and orthopedic conditions. It is our goal to provide a positive, educational, and comfortable experience for pets and their owners when this level of surgical care is required.

Our practice is well equipped with advanced diagnostic technology and patient monitoring capabilities that allows us to offer the highest level of service with digital radiography, ultrasound and CT support. This includes arthrocentesis and joint fluid cytology, review of CT and MRI studies and review of referral radiographs.

The STVS team is led by Dr. Meredith Esterline, a board certified, small animal surgeon with over 20 years of experience in the veterinary field. Her team of technicians are skilled, qualified and committed to providing a premiere level of pre and postoperative surgical care for patients.

STVS works closely with its clients’ primary-care veterinarians to ensure the owner and their pet receives complete and well-informed care.

STVS will not be treating emergencies or critically ill patients. These patients are better served at 24-hour veterinary care facilities located throughout the city.